A micropipette is a precision instrument commonly used in laboratories for the accurate measurement and transfer of small volumes of liquid. Here's a description of a micropipette along with suggested hashtags:



·          Volume Range: Micropipettes come in various volume ranges, from microliters (µL) to milliliters (mL). They are specifically designed for the precise measurement and handling of small liquid volumes.

·          Adjustable Volume: Most micropipettes have an adjustable volume setting, allowing users to select the desired volume they want to pipette. This adjustment is typically done using a dial or digital display.

·          Pipette Tips: Micropipettes are used in combination with disposable pipette tips. These tips come in various sizes and are designed to fit the micropipette's nozzle precisely. They prevent contamination between samples and ensure accurate measurement.

·          Ergonomic Design: Micropipettes often have an ergonomic design for comfortable and precise handling during pipetting. They include features like finger rests and a plunger for aspiration and dispensing.

·          Accuracy and Precision: Micropipettes are known for their high accuracy and precision, making them essential tools for various laboratory tasks, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical diagnostics.

·          Single-Channel vs. Multi-Channel: Micropipettes can be single-channel (for transferring one sample at a time) or multi-channel (for transferring multiple samples simultaneously). Multi-channel pipettes are especially useful for high-throughput applications.

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Micro Pipette 5-50ul

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Product Brochure
Capacity50 microliter
Model Name/NumberBioshine
ColorBlack and White
Warranty1 Year Replacement Warranty
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Product DescriptionDefinition of micropipette. 1 : a pipette for the measurement of minute volumes. 2 : a small and extremely fine-pointed pipette used in making microinjections.

TopPette Pipettor Dragonlab

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Product Brochure
Usage/ApplicationChemical Laboratory
BrandDragon Lab
Max Temperature22 Degree C
Coefficient of Variance0.4 %
VolumeUp to 50 Mul
AccuracyUp to +- 3.00%
Packaging TypeBox
Country of OriginMade in India

Dragonlab TopPette Micropipettes are general purpose micropipettes for the accurate and precise sampling and dispensing of liquid volumes. They operate on the air displacement principle and use universal-size disposable tips.There are nine variations of TopPettes, each with adjustable volume. The nine variations together cover volumes ranging from 0.1ul to 10ml. 

What Is Included: 

  • TopPette Micropipette 
  • Calibration tool. 
  • Removal tool (to remove the bottom half for cleaning or autoclaving. 
  • User guide. 
  • Micropipette holder. 
  • One tip. 
  • Quality control certificate. 
  • Small vial of silicon grease (use after cleaning) 

Performance Specifications:
  • All pipettes have been quality tested according to ISO8655/DIN12650. The quality control according to ISO ISO8655/DIN12650 involves gravimetric testing of each micropipette with distilled water (quality 3, DIN ISO 3696) at 22C using the manufacturer's original tips. 

  • The micropipettes are covered by warranty for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty will not cover defects caused by normal wear or by using the pipette against the instructions given in the manual.


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